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Our Mission is Simple

Our Vision is Realistic

We want to thank you for your interest in IEPDP Church. Our goal is to clearly communicate a message of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. This hope is not found in religion or anything that we can see, but only in a personal relationship with Jesus. Our mission at IEPDP is to see you CONNECT, GROW AND SERVE …

 CONNECT with God through evangelism and Church services;
GROW in Christ through messages and Worship.
SERVE God and others through the local church and its ministries.

At IEPDP Church, we believe that Acts 1:8 compels us to practice this process on three geographical levels: Locally, Regionally and Globally.

By building on our past successes and establishing strategic priorities, we will have the foundation to become stronger and more efficient than ever.​

Church Office Hours:

Church Office Hours Monday-Friday 9am - 4pm

Church Public Service Hours:

Thursday: Prayer Service 7 - 8pm
Friday: Worship Service 7- 9pm
Sunday: Sunday Bible School 10 - 11:30am
      Worship Service  6 - 8:30pm​
312 Main St, Hudson, MA 01749​

We want the people affected by our efforts to notice real improvements. 

About Us 

We are group of people from many different walks of life united around a common goal - to follow Jesus Christ

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Church doesn’t end after we leave the building. We are called to share life and encourage one another as we grow in faith 24/7.  Our mission is Love God, Love Others and Serve our World better.  

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